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Feb 20, 2013 2:30pm PST
reportedly killed at least 20 people. the mortars exploded, killing one of the players. the city of aleppo has seen some of the most intense fighting. conway filed this report. >> the night sky troubles with the sound of war, -- trembles with the sound of war. thousands have lost their lives. as the fighting spreads, many parts of syria and now look like this. rebel fighters have made any gains in the north. towns, military bases, air fields. they have the misfortune of lying beside their necks and biggest target so far. aleppo region and now they're next biggest target so far, aleppo airport. -- they have the misfortune of being beside the next biggest target so far, aleppo airport. >> this is now a key strategic target for the rebels. if they take this, not only will it have been a strategic success also an important symbolic victory. >> controlling the airport means wiping out the army. it could deal a blow to their morale and would be a major boost to us as well as giving a great military who assets. >> civilians pay the highest price for this ambition. a battle for their future that m
Feb 26, 2013 7:30pm EST
. >> jennifer's parents, at the age of 14 they took her to new york city from kentucky so that she could find an agent. >> best decision her parents ever made. right? just announced today, jennifer will reunite with her "silver linings" director david o'russell in "ends of the earth." >> jennifer was still a blond when she arrived at the vanity fair party. ben affleck still had a beard. rocsi diaz? >> it was just a zoo. all the animals went wild when ben showed up with his oscar. but only we have been taking care of the love of his life, jennifer garner. as we spill more exclusive vanity fair party secrets. ben and jen and oscar. the waiting cameras. this plan to pose. the video no one else can show you. after the gauntlet, the night's big winner waited patiently for his wife behind the wall. then lovingly ben takes her hand and leads jen into the party. getty images photog kevin mazur was inside. he told nancy ben finally hit the wall. >> we were trying to get ben and jennifer. he ran into jeffrey katzenberg. then i posed them up with their oscars. for some candid moments. then i asked him i
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)